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Question List of Uttar_pradesh

  • 1 . What are different types of writing called in computer language?

    (A). File

    (B). Fonts

    (C). Folder

    (D). Menu

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  • 2 . When did the Galapagos Islands become a national park?

    (A). 1936

    (B). 1956

    (C). 1959

    (D). 1900

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  • 3 . Which of the following is an evergreen region?

    (A). Andaman and Nicobar

    (B). Jharkhand

    (C). Sri Lanka

    (D). Tibet

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  • 4 . Who was the first king of Chola dynasty to conquer Sri Lanka?

    (A). Vijayalaya Chola

    (B). Srimara Srivallabh

    (C). Raja Rajaraja I

    (D). Pandyan King

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  • 5 . How many countries follow federal system?

    (A). 35 federal countries

    (B). 25 federal countries

    (C). 45 federal countries

    (D). 30 federal countries

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  • 6 . Who can issue treasury bills?

    (A). IFC

    (B). ICSID

    (C). Central Government

    (D). IBRD

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  • 7 . What is the cheapest money?

    (A). Iranian Rial

    (B). Vietnamese dong

    (C). Indonesian Rupiah

    (D). Uzbekistan Somi

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  • 8 . When was Hindi language recognized by the Indian Constitution?

    (A). 1956

    (B). 1950

    (C). 1988

    (D). 1967

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  • 9 . Which inscription of Ashoka describes the Kalinga war?

    (A). Rock Edict IX or 09

    (B). Rock Edict XII or 13

    (C). Rock Edict X or 10

    (D). Rock Edict XIII or 13

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  • 10 . Which is the largest peninsular river?

    (A). Mahanadi

    (B). Penner

    (C). Godavari

    (D). Kaveri

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