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Question List of Uttar_pradesh

  • 1 . How many small banks are there in India in 2022?

    (A). 44 private banks

    (B). 28 private banks

    (C). 21 private banks

    (D). 09 Private Bank

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  • 2 . Who represented India in ILO 1919?

    (A). Charan Singh

    (B). Morarji Desai

    (C). Shankar Dayal Sharma

    (D). N. M. Joshi

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  • 3 . Which country was defeated in World War II?

    (A). Russia

    (B). Japan

    (C). Italy

    (D). Germany

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  • 4 . Which river does not flow into the sea in India?

    (A). Meghna River

    (B). The River Ganges

    (C). Krishna River

    (D). Luni River

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  • 5 . Which is 106th National Park?

    (A). Jaldapara National Park

    (B). Raimona National Park

    (C). Hemis National Park

    (D). Ranthambore National Park

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  • 6 . Which is the fastest supercomputer of 2022 in India?

    (A). Super Computer

    (B). Param Pravega

    (C). Workstation Computer

    (D). Server Computer

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  • 7 . How many types of indirect taxes are there in India?

    (A). Four types

    (B). Eight types

    (C). Seven types

    (D). Five types

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  • 8 . Which gas is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere?

    (A). Methane

    (B). Carbon dioxide

    (C). Green House Gases

    (D). Nitrous oxide

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  • 9 . Which country won the first gold medal in Commonwealth Games in 2022?

    (A). India

    (B). China

    (C). England

    (D). Russia

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  • 10 . Under which scheme 14,500 schools across the country will be developed and upgraded.

    (A). PM-Shri Scheme

    (B). From Jan Dhan to Jan Suraksha

    (C). Prime Minister's Security Insurance Scheme

    (D). Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana

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