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Question List of Rajasthan

  • 1 . Who decides the interest rate on savings bank deposits?

    (A). Personal bank

    (B). State Bank Of India

    (C). RBI

    (D). Ministry of finance

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  • 2 . When was Delhi made the amendment of the capital of India?

    (A). 1991

    (B). 1993

    (C). 1990

    (D). 1989

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  • 3 . Which was the first capital of British India?

    (A). Banaras

    (B). Delhi

    (C). Calcutta

    (D). Allahabad

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  • 4 . How many islands are there in India in 2022?

    (A). 1,382

    (B). 1,588

    (C). 1,208

    (D). 2,000

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  • 5 . Which sector of the economy is most important

    (A). Fish Area

    (B). Forestry Area

    (C). Excavation area

    (D). Agricultural sector

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  • 6 . What mode your documents print in, by default

    (A). Landscape

    (B). Portrait mode

    (C). Page Setup

    (D). Print Setup

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  • 7 . Which bank is the operator of the payment system?

    (A). Axis Bank

    (B). RBI

    (C). Corporate Bank

    (D). Cooperative bank

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  • 8 . Where is the green pitcher plant found in India?

    (A). Jammu

    (B). Uttarakhand

    (C). Himachal Pradesh

    (D). Meghalaya

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  • 9 . With which sport is the Stanley Cup associated?

    (A). Hockey

    (B). Volley ball

    (C). Tennis

    (D). Polo

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  • 10 . Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren won the confidence motion with how many votes in the 81-member assembly.

    (A). 48

    (B). 38

    (C). 32

    (D). 29

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