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Question List of Rajasthan

  • 1 . Who among the following has been appointed as the new chairman of the Union Public Service Commission?

    (A). Smt. Smita Nagaraj

    (B). Arvind Saxena

    (C). Dr.Manoj Soni

    (D). Mrs. Preeti Sudan

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  • 2 . For which team did the world famous cricketer "Sir Don Bradman" play?

    (A). West Indies

    (B). Australia

    (C). England

    (D). India

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  • 3 . Which Indian scientist has been a Nobel Prize winner?

    (A). Jagdish Chand Boss

    (B). C V Raman

    (C). S Ramanujan

    (D). Vikram Sarabhai

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  • 4 . NABARD was established on the basis of the recommendation of which committee?

    (A). Narasimha Committee

    (B). Jalan Committee

    (C). Sivaraman Committee

    (D). Varma Committee

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  • 5 . What does HD mean in the digital world?

    (A). Heavy Device

    (B). High Definition

    (C). Heavy Duty

    (D). High Density

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  • 6 . Sariska National Park is in which state?

    (A). Rajasthan

    (B). Bihar

    (C). Uttar Pradesh

    (D). Chhattisgarh

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  • 7 . What is the celestial body that revolves around any planet called?

    (A). Satellite

    (B). Comet Star

    (C). Meteorite

    (D). Star

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  • 8 . Which art is also known as Greco Buddhist art?

    (A). Conscious art

    (B). Cherokee art

    (C). Gandhara art

    (D). Haida Art

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  • 9 . How many sessions of Lok Sabha are there in a year?

    (A). Four seasons

    (B). Three sessions

    (C). Six sessions

    (D). Eight sessions

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  • 10 . When was NHB established?

    (A). 15 July 1989

    (B). 7 July 1987

    (C). 9 July 1988

    (D). 18 July 1990

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