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Question List of Maharashtra

  • 1 . How many members are there in the MPC committee?

    (A). 8 Members

    (B). 6 Members

    (C). 4 Members

    (D). 2 Members

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  • 2 . How much majority is needed to pass the amendment?

    (A). Three-third majority

    (B). Two fourth majority

    (C). Two-thirds majority

    (D). One-fourth majority

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  • 3 . Which was the capital of Simuk?

    (A). Orugalu

    (B). Varanasi

    (C). Amaravati

    (D). Pratishthana

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  • 4 . Which is the longest river originating in India?

    (A). Narmada River

    (B). Mahi River

    (C). Ganges River

    (D). Indus River

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  • 5 . Which state of India has the maximum number of tigers?

    (A). Jharkhand

    (B). Uttar Pradesh

    (C). Madhya Pradesh

    (D). Lakshadweep

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  • 6 . Which of the following parts of the processor contains the necessary hardware to perform all the functions required by the computer?

    (A). Data path

    (B). Motherboard

    (C). CPU

    (D). UPS

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  • 7 . What is the total GST revenue collected in August 2022?

    (A). 1,43,612

    (B). 2,43,612

    (C). 1,99,612

    (D). 1,43,844

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  • 8 . How long do chickens live?

    (A). 8 -10 years

    (B). 5 -10 years

    (C). 7 -12 years

    (D). 6 -10 years

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  • 9 . When did freestyle wrestling become an Olympic event?

    (A). 1804

    (B). 1865

    (C). 1900

    (D). 1904

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  • 10 . Amit Shah inaugurated how many inspection BOP buildings for the Border Security Force in Bihar.

    (A). Six Border Inspection BOP

    (B). Five Border Inspection BOP

    (C). Four Border Inspection BOP

    (D). Two Border Inspection BOP

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