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Question List of Maharashtra

  • 1 . Which is the smallest union territory in India?

    (A). Andaman and Nicobar Islands

    (B). Lakshadweep

    (C). Daman and Diu

    (D). Chandigarh

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  • 2 . Which Indian River flows from South to North?

    (A). Narmada River

    (B). Godavari River

    (C). Mahanadi

    (D). Sutlej River

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  • 3 . Which Indian state shares longest international border?

    (A). Gujarat

    (B). Sikkim

    (C). West Bengal

    (D). Punjab

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  • 4 . Where is located Vembanad Lake?

    (A). Tamil Nadu

    (B). Karnataka

    (C). Odisha

    (D). Kerala

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  • 5 . How many different types of rocks are there?

    (A). Three Types

    (B). Four Types

    (C). Fifth Types

    (D). Sixth Types

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  • 6 . Who is known as the father of Indian environmental science?

    (A). Ramdeo Mishra

    (B). Sunderlal Bahuguna

    (C). Vinobha Bhave

    (D). Raja Ram Mohan Roy

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  • 7 . Which of the following animal has the highest blood pressure?

    (A). Elephant

    (B). Giraffe

    (C). Lion

    (D). Rabbit

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  • 8 . Who is the father of Indian Cricket?

    (A). Ranjit Sinhji

    (B). Duleep Sinhji

    (C). Lala Amarnath

    (D). Vinoo Mankad

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  • 9 . Why World Bank was established?

    (A). To Promote the International Trade

    (B). To reconstruct the economy damaged during the Second World War

    (C). To improve the adverse balance of payment situation of the non member countries

    (D). All of these

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  • 10 . Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar Award? (History)

    (A). Bhanu Athaiya

    (B). Satyajit Ray

    (C). A.R. Rahman

    (D). Gulzar

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