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Question List of Madhya_pradesh

  • 1 . When was Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana started?

    (A). 1985

    (B). 1990

    (C). 1997

    (D). 1999

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  • 2 . For which of these Indian states does China issue stapled visas?

    (A). Punjab

    (B). Uttar Pradesh

    (C). Delhi

    (D). Arunachal Pradesh

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  • 3 . In which country is the world's largest archipelago located?

    (A). Iceland

    (B). Ireland

    (C). Indonesia

    (D). Australia

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  • 4 . Which of the following is the place where it never rains?

    (A). Sahara Desert

    (B). Thar Desert

    (C). Atacama Desert

    (D). Kalahari Desert

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  • 5 . Which of the following converts input into output?

    (A). Memory

    (B). Storage

    (C). CPU

    (D). Monitor

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  • 6 . How many types of PSL can the bank issue?

    (A). 8

    (B). 6

    (C). 4

    (D). 2

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  • 7 . Who is the first Indian cricketer to score 2000 runs in International T20 matches?

    (A). Mithali Raj

    (B). Harmanpreet Kaur

    (C). Poonam Rawat

    (D). Smrti Mandhaana

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  • 8 . Who composed the Telugu poetry called Manishi Chilak?

    (A). Vishwanath Satyanarayan

    (B). Venturi Sundararama Murthy

    (C). C Narayan Reddy

    (D). Dasarathy Krishnanamchari Ulu

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  • 9 . In which state India's first insect museum has been established recently?

    (A). Gujarat

    (B). Kerala

    (C). Tamil Nadu

    (D). Rajasthan

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  • 10 . Who has become the third woman Additional Solicitor General of the Supreme Court?

    (A). Priya Dikshit

    (B). Lakshmi Singh

    (C). Madhavi Goradia Dewan

    (D). none of these

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