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Question List of Madhya_pradesh

  • 1 . Who was the Indian King when Alexander the great invaded India?

    (A). Porus

    (B). Chandragupt Maurya

    (C). Bindusara

    (D). Ashoka

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  • 2 . Which is the only Finance minister presented budget on his birthday?

    (A). R.K. Shanmukham Chetty

    (B). Jawaharlal Nehru

    (C). Morarji Desai

    (D). Pranab Mukherjee

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  • 3 . How much national political party in India?

    (A). Five

    (B). Six

    (C). Seven

    (D). Eight

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  • 4 . Who is the first woman to get Nobel Prize in Physics?

    (A). Rosalind Franklin

    (B). Madam Curie

    (C). Lise Meitner

    (D). Ada Lovelace

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  • 5 . Who defeated Muhammad Ghori in 1191?

    (A). Prithviraj Chauhan

    (B). Jayachandra

    (C). Sher Singh Rana

    (D). Rana Sanga

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  • 6 . How many total nationalized banks in India?

    (A). 27

    (B). 22

    (C). 20

    (D). 14

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  • 7 . Which Mughal Emperor was abolished Jizya?

    (A). Babar

    (B). Aurangzeb

    (C). Akbar

    (D). Jahangir

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  • 8 . What is the chief ore of Aluminum is_____?

    (A). Iron

    (B). Cryolite

    (C). Bauxite

    (D). Hematite

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  • 9 . Which Indian River is known as Chandrabhaga River?

    (A). Jhelum River

    (B). Ravi River

    (C). Chenab River

    (D). Sutlej River

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  • 10 . How many Presidents of India so far were elected unopposed?

    (A). One

    (B). Two

    (C). Three

    (D). Four

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