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Question List of Haryana_punjab

  • 1 . Where is situated Dudhwa National Park?

    (A). Madhya Pradesh

    (B). Uttar Pradesh

    (C). Rajasthan

    (D). Haryana

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  • 2 . What is the chemical formula of water?

    (A). H2SO4

    (B). H2O

    (C). H2SO3

    (D). H2S

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  • 3 . Which is the biggest thermal power plant in India?

    (A). Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station

    (B). Renusagar Thermal Power Plant

    (C). Anpara Thermal Power Plant

    (D). Reliance Sasan Ultra Mega Power

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  • 4 . Nur Jahan was the wife of which Mughal Emperor?

    (A). Shah Jahan

    (B). Jahangir

    (C). Akbar

    (D). Aurangzeb

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  • 5 . What is the percentage of CO2 in atmosphere?

    (A). 0.0391 percent

    (B). 0.1001 Percent

    (C). 1.0001 Percent

    (D). 0.1001 Percent

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  • 6 . Where was the first session of Muslim League held?

    (A). Patna

    (B). Muzaffarpur

    (C). Agra

    (D). New Delhi

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  • 7 . What is the full for Form of UPS?

    (A). Uninterruptible Power Supply

    (B). Unified Power Supply

    (C). Unable Power Supply

    (D). Unnecessary Power Supply

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  • 8 . What does XP stand for in Windows XP?

    (A). eXPerience

    (B). eXPire

    (C). eXPlorer

    (D). eXPand

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  • 9 . Which element has no Neutron?

    (A). Hydrogen

    (B). Carbon

    (C). Chlorine

    (D). Lithium

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  • 10 . Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world’s_______?

    (A). Longest railway station

    (B). Highest railway station

    (C). Largest Railway Station

    (D). None of the above

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