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Question List of Haryana_punjab

  • 1 . Which of these is hardware?

    (A). Hard Disk

    (B). Key Board

    (C). Mouse

    (D). Printer

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  • 2 . Which committee recommended the introduction of wealth tax?

    (A). Kaldor Committee

    (B). Planning Commission

    (C). Finance Commission

    (D). Planning Commission

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  • 3 . When were black people allowed to vote?

    (A). 1970

    (B). 1870

    (C). 1670

    (D). 1570

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  • 4 . Who is the author of Raghuvansh Malavikagnimitra?

    (A). Vishnu Sharma

    (B). Brahmin Kalhan

    (C). Kalidas

    (D). Baan Bhashan

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  • 5 . In which district is Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary located?

    (A). South Andaman

    (B). Anantapur

    (C). Chittor

    (D). Sambalpur District

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  • 6 . Which ten year period emerged as the International Literacy Decade?

    (A). 2000 to 2010

    (B). 2003 to 2012

    (C). 2005 to 2015

    (D). 2007 to 2018

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  • 7 . How is the VPN being detected?

    (A). IP Address

    (B). VPN Port

    (C). VPN Protocol

    (D). VPN Server

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  • 8 . Which of the following has recently constituted a working group on digital lending?

    (A). State Bank of India

    (B). Union Bank

    (C). Reserve Bank of India

    (D). Canara Bank

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  • 9 . Which element is found in all three states of matter?

    (A). Para

    (B). Water

    (C). Air

    (D). Sunshine

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  • 10 . Which country will host the 15th Men's Hockey World Cup 2023?

    (A). Japan

    (B). India

    (C). Korea

    (D). Türkiye

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