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Question List of Gujarat

  • 1 . Which company has the most online sales?

    (A). Wal-Mart

    (B). Flipkart

    (C). Amazon

    (D). Costco

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  • 2 . How many states have been formed on the basis of language in India?

    (A). 18

    (B). 14

    (C). 07

    (D). 04

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  • 3 . What is the language of Tripitaka book of Buddhism

    (A). Sanskrit

    (B). Pali

    (C). Bangla

    (D). Prakrit

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  • 4 . Which country has the largest reserves of mica?

    (A). India

    (B). China

    (C). Afghanistan

    (D). Japan

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  • 5 . How many National Parks are there in Telangana?

    (A). 8 national parks

    (B). 9 national parks

    (C). 5 national parks

    (D). 11 national parks

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  • 6 . Which of the following happens when a user opens an account in a computer system?

    (A). Super Floppy Drive

    (B). Microfarad

    (C). Subdirectory

    (D). User Environment

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  • 7 . How many stages are there in the bankruptcy process?

    (A). 6 stages

    (B). 4 stages

    (C). 9 stages

    (D). 11 stages

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  • 8 . How many viral diseases are there?

    (A). 219 virus species

    (B). 211 virus species

    (C). 209 virus species

    (D). 201 virus species

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  • 9 . Who is the only woman to win gold medal 6 times in world boxing?

    (A). Simone Biles

    (B). Mary Kom

    (C). Madison Kocian

    (D). Alia Mustafina

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  • 10 . Russian President Vladimir Putin presided over the ceremony to formally annex what are now Ukrainian territories.

    (A). Three

    (B). Four

    (C). Six

    (D). Seven

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