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Question List of Gujarat

  • 1 . Who was the first Attorney General of India?

    (A). Nanabhoy Palkhivala

    (B). C. K. Daphtary

    (C). M. C. Setalvad

    (D). B. N. Rau

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  • 2 . The name of India derived from which river?

    (A). Indus River

    (B). Ganges River

    (C). Brahmaputra River

    (D). Sutlej River

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  • 3 . When Timur did invaded India?

    (A). 1398

    (B). 1399

    (C). 1400

    (D). 1402

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  • 4 . When was established National Defence Academy?

    (A). 1951

    (B). 1952

    (C). 1953

    (D). 1954

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  • 5 . How many elements there in geography?

    (A). 4

    (B). 5

    (C). 6

    (D). 7

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  • 6 . Who was the founder of Indian Parliament?

    (A). Edwin Lutyens

    (B). Fredrick Gibberd

    (C). Fracis Derwent Wood

    (D). Julius Drew

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  • 7 . When did Indian become a Democracy?

    (A). 26 November 1947

    (B). 16 October 1949

    (C). 26 January 1950

    (D). 01 April 1955

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  • 8 . Who was the first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India?

    (A). Dr. C. V. Raman

    (B). Dr. H. J. Bhabha

    (C). Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

    (D). Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

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  • 9 . Where is located Silent Valley National Park?

    (A). Odisha

    (B). Kerala

    (C). Tamil Nadu

    (D). West Bengal

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  • 10 . Who was defined democracy as a “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”?

    (A). Abraham Lincoln

    (B). Plato

    (C). Aristotle

    (D). John Ruskin

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