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Question List of Gujarat

  • 1 . On which plant did Mendel conduct his genetics experiment?

    (A). Marigold

    (B). Pea

    (C). Apple

    (D). Potato

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  • 2 . How many World Cups India won?

    (A). One Times

    (B). Two Times

    (C). Three Times

    (D). Four Times

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  • 3 . What is the limit of BHIM UPI?

    (A). Rs 40,000 per transaction

    (B). Rs 60,000 per transaction

    (C). Rs 80,000 per transaction

    (D). Rs 10,0000 per transaction

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  • 4 . Which of the following articles of the Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of the press?

    (A). Article 17

    (B). Article 19

    (C). Article 15

    (D). Article 13

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  • 5 . When did Buddhism split into Hinayana and Mahayana?

    (A). 66 AD

    (B). 69 AD

    (C). 72 AD

    (D). 76 AD

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  • 6 . In which state is Haldia port located?

    (A). Bihar

    (B). Odisha

    (C). Kerala

    (D). West Bengal

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  • 7 . How many biodiversity hotspots are there in the world?

    (A). 16 Biodiversity Hotspots

    (B). 22 Biodiversity Hotspots

    (C). 36 Biodiversity Hotspots

    (D). 45 Biodiversity Hotspots

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  • 8 . What was the most popular first generation computer?

    (A). IBM 360

    (B). IBM 2700

    (C). IBM 1130

    (D). IBM 650

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  • 9 . Where is the headquarter of IBRD?

    (A). China

    (B). Russia

    (C). India

    (D). Washington

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  • 10 . Which of these quantities is a vector?

    (A). Time

    (B). Distance

    (C). Mass

    (D). Acceleration

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