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Question List of Delhi

  • 1 . Who launched Clean India Green India?

    (A). Mahatma Gandhi

    (B). PM Narendra Modi

    (C). Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    (D). Sheila dixit

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  • 2 . In which year did Arjuna Award start?

    (A). 1966

    (B). 1978

    (C). 1982

    (D). 1961

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  • 3 . Which is the protein found in abundance in the human body?

    (A). Methionine

    (B). Threonin

    (C). Collagen

    (D). Cystine

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  • 4 . What amount of loan does Mudra Bank provide under “Shishu Loan Scheme”?

    (A). 10 lakhs

    (B). 1 lakh

    (C). 50,000

    (D). 500000

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  • 5 . Where is the name of a folder visible in the computer?

    (A). Taskbar

    (B). Title Bar

    (C). Address Bar

    (D). None of these

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  • 6 . How many chapters are there in Agenda 21?

    (A). 44

    (B). 43

    (C). 40

    (D). 41

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  • 7 . Which is the state with highest road density in India?

    (A). Kerala

    (B). Delhi

    (C). Kolkata

    (D). West Bengal

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  • 8 . Who was the most powerful king of the Satavahana dynasty?

    (A). Gautamiputra Satakarni

    (B). Maharaj Dhannak

    (C). Maharaj Haihai

    (D). Maharaj Sahasrajit

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  • 9 . How many Presidents have been elected in India so far?

    (A). 13 president

    (B). 14 president

    (C). 15 president

    (D). 16 president

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  • 10 . What is foreign investment?

    (A). Foreign Direct Investment

    (B). Invested Interest

    (C). Best Investment

    (D). Reliable Investors

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