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Question List of Delhi

  • 1 . Which organization released the 'Living Planet Report 2022'?

    (A). FAO

    (B). WWF

    (C). LPR

    (D). UNEP

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  • 2 . Where is the maximum consumption of fertilizers in India?

    (A). Uttarakhand

    (B). Punjab

    (C). Sikkim

    (D). Maharashtra

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  • 3 . When was the first Public Service Commission established?

    (A). October 1, 1930

    (B). October 1, 1926

    (C). October 10, 1930

    (D). October 15, 1926

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  • 4 . Which of the following Bodhisattva holds the Vajra?

    (A). Vajrapani

    (B). Padampani

    (C). Quan Om

    (D). None of these

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  • 5 . What is the season where dead leaves fall called?

    (A). Spring

    (B). Heat

    (C). Autumn

    (D). Winter

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  • 6 . Name the drug which is related to the plant source of coffee or tea.

    (A). Chlorophyll

    (B). Thornapple

    (C). Opium

    (D). Caffeine

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  • 7 . Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?

    (A). LAN

    (B). VAN

    (C). Rome

    (D). RAM

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  • 8 . Which movement encouraged the formation of commercial banks?

    (A). Civil disobedience movement

    (B). Swadeshi Movement

    (C). Save forest movement

    (D). Narmada Bachao Andolan

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  • 9 . What color does acid turn blue litmus paper?

    (A). Red

    (B). Green

    (C). Purple

    (D). White

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  • 10 . With which game is the Benson & Hedges Cup trophy associated?

    (A). Basketball

    (B). Golf

    (C). Tennis

    (D). Hockey

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