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Question List of Bihar

  • 1 . Which state of India is known as Soyabean State?

    (A). Rajasthan

    (B). Tamil Nadu

    (C). Madhya Pradesh

    (D). Punjab

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  • 2 . Which language is not included in the constitution?

    (A). Telugu

    (B). English

    (C). Odia

    (D). Marathi

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  • 3 . Which of the following sites of the Indus Valley Civilization was first discovered?

    (A). Ropar

    (B). Harappa

    (C). Mithali

    (D). Singhvarman

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  • 4 . Which country has the largest reserves of mica?

    (A). India

    (B). China

    (C). Afghanistan

    (D). Japan

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  • 5 . Which is the smallest tiger reserve in India?

    (A). Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

    (B). Bor Tiger Reserve

    (C). Srisailam Tiger Reserve

    (D). Guru Ghasidas National Park

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  • 6 . Individuals attempting to obtain confidential information from you by misrepresenting their identity

    (A). Spyware scams

    (B). Computer virus

    (C). Phishing Scams

    (D). Fishing Trip

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  • 7 . Which is the highest currency in the world?

    (A). Rupeeya

    (B). Dollar

    (C). Yen

    (D). Kuwaiti Dinar

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  • 8 . What is the cultivation of fruits and vegetables called?

    (A). Shifting agriculture

    (B). Plantation agriculture

    (C). Jhum farming

    (D). Mixed agriculture

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  • 9 . Who was the first Olympic winner in India?

    (A). Neeraj Chopra

    (B). Vasudevan Bhaskaran

    (C). KD Jadhav

    (D). Charanjeet Singh

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  • 10 . When is World Habitat Day celebrated?

    (A). 4 November

    (B). 12 June

    (C). 2 October

    (D). 5 march

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