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Question List of Andhra_pradesh

  • 1 . Who gave theory of demand?

    (A). Alfred Marshall

    (B). John Maynard Keynes

    (C). Leon Walras

    (D). David Recardo

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  • 2 . Which of the following economist known as the propounder of Labour theory of Value?

    (A). Karl Marx

    (B). Leon Trotsky

    (C). Immanuel Kant

    (D). Auguste Comte

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  • 3 . Who wrote the book “Economics in One Lesson”?

    (A). Ludwig von Mises

    (B). Friedrich Hayek

    (C). Thomal Sowell

    (D). Henry Hazlitt

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  • 4 . When was established Vijaya Bank?

    (A). 1938

    (B). 1906

    (C). 1931

    (D). 1908

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  • 5 . What is the new name of UTI Bank?

    (A). Vijaya Bank

    (B). Bank of Baroda

    (C). Axis Bank

    (D). Dena Bank

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  • 6 . Where is the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum 2018?

    (A). London

    (B). New York

    (C). Beijing

    (D). Davos

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  • 7 . Who created supply and demand?

    (A). Adam Smith

    (B). Antoine Augustin Cournot

    (C). Vilfredo Pareto

    (D). Gerard Debreu

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  • 8 . What is the largest Muslim Country in the world by population?

    (A). India

    (B). Pakistan

    (C). Indonesia

    (D). Saudi Arabia

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  • 9 . How many members are there in IMF?

    (A). 191

    (B). 185

    (C). 189

    (D). 185

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  • 10 . Who was developed Human Development Index?

    (A). Mahbub ul Haq

    (B). Amartya Sen

    (C). John Rawls

    (D). James Tobin

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