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Question List of Andhra_pradesh

  • 1 . What amount of loan does Mudra Bank provide under “Shishu Loan Scheme”?

    (A). 50,000

    (B). 1 Lac

    (C). 5 Lac

    (D). 10 Lac

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  • 2 . What is "Bit Defender"? Is?

    (A). Antivirus Program

    (B). Word processors

    (C). Excel Data Command

    (D). Graphics File Format

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  • 3 . Which country produces the most energy?

    (A). United States of america

    (B). Russia

    (C). Saudi Arab

    (D). China

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  • 4 . Which continent is called the "White Continent"?

    (A). Antarctica

    (B). South Africa

    (C). Australia

    (D). Asia

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  • 5 . Where is Sanchi Stupa located?

    (A). Rajasthan

    (B). Prayagraj

    (C). Madhya Pradesh

    (D). Gujarat

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  • 6 . Who is the father of Indian Constitution?

    (A). Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

    (B). Chacha Nehru

    (C). Mahatma Gandhi

    (D). Dr. Rajendra Prasad

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  • 7 . When was CRR started in India?

    (A). 1940

    (B). 1950

    (C). 1967

    (D). 1977

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  • 8 . Who introduced Minimum Support Price?

    (A). Indian government

    (B). MSP

    (C). HYV

    (D). APMC

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  • 9 . When was the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language formed?

    (A). 1977

    (B). 1976

    (C). 1954

    (D). 1966

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  • 10 . Where did Mahavir die?

    (A). Bihar

    (B). Bodh Gaya

    (C). Pavapuri

    (D). Patna

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