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Question List of All_state

  • 1 . Which country is the largest supplier of crude oil to India?

    (A). Iraq

    (B). Russia

    (C). Kuwait

    (D). Algeria

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  • 2 . Which of the following words is not mentioned in the Preamble?

    (A). Freedom

    (B). Harmony

    (C). Religion

    (D). Justice

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  • 3 . When did our calendar start?

    (A). 1599

    (B). 1568

    (C). 1582

    (D). 1500

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  • 4 . Which of the following is not mined in the delta region of West Bengal?

    (A). Natural Gas

    (B). Carbon Monoxide

    (C). Hydrogen

    (D). Argon

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  • 5 . When was the first transgenic cow created?

    (A). 1997

    (B). 1993

    (C). 1987

    (D). 1983

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  • 6 . In which year did Microsoft first introduce the operating environment called Windows?

    (A). 1856

    (B). 1876

    (C). 1985

    (D). 1995

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  • 7 . Who holds majority stake in SIDBI?

    (A). Punjab National Bank

    (B). State Bank of India

    (C). Union Bank of India

    (D). Syndicate Bank

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  • 8 . What material is the pencil nib made of?

    (A). Lithium

    (B). Ladd

    (C). Aluminum

    (D). Graphite

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  • 9 . Who will lead India in 2023 ODI World Cup?

    (A). Ravindra Jadeja

    (B). Jasprit Bumrah

    (C). Virat Kohli

    (D). Rohit Sharma

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  • 10 . Who is the largest G20 investor in India?

    (A). UK

    (B). US

    (C). Italy

    (D). Turkey

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