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Question List SSC

  • 1 . Who launched Dost for Life mobile app?

    (A). CBSE

    (B). NIOS

    (C). CISCE

    (D). IEDC

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  • 2 . Which amendment is Arunachal Pradesh as a State?

    (A). 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act

    (B). 55th Constitutional Amendment Act

    (C). 61st Constitutional Amendment Act

    (D). 104th Constitutional Amendment Act

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  • 3 . Who is the founder of digital currency "Bitcoin"?

    (A). Dorian Nakamoto

    (B). Satoshi Nakamoto

    (C). Vitalik Buterin

    (D). Brian Armstrong

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  • 4 . Which Union Territory hosted the Himalayan Film Festival on 24 September 2021?

    (A). Ladakh

    (B). Delhi

    (C). Chandigarh

    (D). Daman and Diu

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  • 5 . Who among the following has been appointed as the new chairman of the Union Public Service Commission?

    (A). Smt. Smita Nagaraj

    (B). Arvind Saxena

    (C). Dr.Manoj Soni

    (D). Mrs. Preeti Sudan

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  • 6 . Who launched Clean India Green India?

    (A). Mahatma Gandhi

    (B). PM Narendra Modi

    (C). Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    (D). Sheila dixit

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  • 7 . Who is the second largest producer of renewable energy?

    (A). China

    (B). U.S

    (C). UN

    (D). India

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  • 8 . Which union ministry is associated with AFSPA?

    (A). Union Home Minister

    (B). Ministry of Home Affairs

    (C). Indian Armed Forces

    (D). Center Goverment

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  • 9 . What is the rank of Hyderabad pollution in the world?

    (A). 249th

    (B). 259th

    (C). 267th

    (D). 278th

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  • 10 . Which state is the largest coffee-producing state of India?

    (A). Andhra Pradesh

    (B). Bengal

    (C). Karnataka

    (D). Odisha

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