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Question List Defence

  • 1 . According Budget 2019 where will set up the 22nd AIIMS in India?

    (A). Tamil Nadu

    (B). Sikkim

    (C). Gujarat

    (D). Haryana

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  • 2 . What is the name of digital currency jointly launched by the UAE and Saudi Arabia?

    (A). Mehr

    (B). Aber

    (C). Diwer

    (D). dyler

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  • 3 . In which bank LIC acquires 51 percent of share?

    (A). HDFC Bank

    (B). IDBI Bank

    (C). Axis Bank

    (D). ICICI Bank

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  • 4 . In which Indian city to set the QR codes are on the trees for the conservation and knowledge?

    (A). Kolkata

    (B). Hyderabad

    (C). Delhi

    (D). Mumbai

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  • 5 . Who is the most valuable celebrity in India in 2019?

    (A). Deepika Padukone

    (B). Virat Kohli

    (C). Salman Khan

    (D). Akshay Kumar

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  • 6 . Along with America which country formally quits UNESCO?

    (A). State of Palestine

    (B). Israel

    (C). Russia

    (D). Syria

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  • 7 . Which Indian actress selected by Peta India as ‘Person of the year 2018’?

    (A). Deepika Padukone

    (B). Priyanka Chopra

    (C). Sonam Kapoor

    (D). Kangna Ranaut

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  • 8 . Who is appointed as the new chairman of FTII in December 2018?

    (A). Pradip Uppoor

    (B). Shriram Raghvan

    (C). Brijendra Pal Singh

    (D). Binay Pathak

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  • 9 . Which country’s beauty won the miss world title 2018?

    (A). Australia

    (B). Mexico

    (C). Austria

    (D). Jamaica

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  • 10 . Which Indian celebrity got the top place in the list Forbes India 2018?

    (A). Virat Kohli

    (B). Salman Khan

    (C). Akshay Kumar

    (D). Shahrukh Khan

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