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Question List Defence

  • 1 . Who gave theory of demand?

    (A). Alfred Marshall

    (B). John Maynard Keynes

    (C). Leon Walras

    (D). David Recardo

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  • 2 . How many principles are there in economics?

    (A). 7

    (B). 8

    (C). 9

    (D). 10

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  • 3 . Who was developed Human Development Index?

    (A). Mahbub ul Haq

    (B). Amartya Sen

    (C). John Rawls

    (D). James Tobin

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  • 4 . Who was wrote the book “Principles of Economics”?

    (A). David Recardo

    (B). Alfred Marshall

    (C). Leon Walras

    (D). Adam Smith

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  • 5 . Which is the major rubber producing state in India?

    (A). Jharkhand

    (B). Kerala

    (C). Arunachal Pradesh

    (D). Tamil Nadu

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    6 . Socialist economy is a?

    (A). Planned economy

    (B). Mixed economy

    (C). Profit economy

    (D). None of these

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  • 7 . The task of economic science is it?

    (A). Save the earth from the over use of natural resources

    (B). Help us to understand how the economic world works

    (C). Tell us what is good for us

    (D). Make moral choices about things like drugs

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  • 8 . Under inductive method, the logic proceeds from?

    (A). General to particular

    (B). Positive to normative

    (C). Normative to positive

    (D). Particular to general

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  • 9 . Economics is what Economists do is given by?

    (A). Jacob Vinor

    (B). Henry Smith

    (C). Pigou

    (D). Paul A. Samuelson

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  • 10 . The term Economics owes its origin to the Greek word?

    (A). Aikonomia

    (B). Wikonomia

    (C). Oikonomia

    (D). None of the above

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