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Mixture Questions with Answers | Alligation Questions and Answers

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Here we sharing selective and important multiple choice Alligation and Mixture questions and answers for govt exams, which are usually asked in Government Exams. This is the aptitude questions and answers section on Alligation And Mixture for various competitive examination. Aptitude is the central point that determines your selection in competitive exams SSC, MTS, CGL, Bank, Defence and Railway etc. Hence, Try these online tests on Mixtures and Alligation. Alligation and mixture solved questions or problems with solutions covered for all competitive exams, interviews and entrance tests.

Question List Alligation Mixture

  • 41 . A farmer grows 252 kilograms of apples. He sells them to a grower who divides them into 5kg and 2 kg bags and 2 kg bags, then how many bags did he use in all ?

    (A). 16

    (B). 36

    (C). 72

    (D). 48

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  • 42 . The expression 524-234 has a factor is –

    (A). 7

    (B). 10

    (C). 17

    (D). 33

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  • 43 . Find the greatest length that is contained an exacts number of times in 3 ½ m and 8 ¾ m.

    (A). 1 4/3 m

    (B). 17 ½ m

    (C). 1 ¾ m

    (D). 17 4/3 m

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  • 44 . The minimum numbers of common tangents draw to two circles when both the circle touches external is : -

    (A). 0

    (B). 1

    (C). 2

    (D). 3

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  • 45 . If four marbles are drawn at random, what is the probability that two are blue, and two are red?

    (A). 10/1001

    (B). 9/14

    (C). 17/364

    (D). 2/7

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  • 46 . Study the given information carefully to answer the questions that follow.
    A Pail contains 4 Black, 5 Blue, 2 Red and 3 Yellow marbles.
    If three marbles are drawn at random, what is the probability that atleast one is yellow?

    (A). 1/3

    (B). 199/364

    (C). 165/364

    (D). 3/11

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