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Here provides all types questions and their answer related to the sports category. We provides question to the sports and its tournament and series like, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Olympic Games, Asian Games, World Cups, Individual series, double series, commonwealth games etc. Here all the questions belong to the players, games, and their records. In the any government exam mostly ask 2 to 8 question from sports section in GK category. Student can get the success in any exam through better preparation in sports quizzes. Every question has its own importance in the exam. You can get success easily through better preparation. For all type of sports questions with descriptive solutions visit regularly

Question List Sports Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Who is the first Indian to become a world snooker champion?

    (A). Pankaj Advani

    (B). Geet Sethi

    (C). Manan Chandra

    (D). Aditya Mehta

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  • 2 . Which of the following country won the most Hockey World Cup?

    (A). Belgium

    (B). Pakistan

    (C). India

    (D). Malaysia

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  • 3 . Which country won the first Football World Cup?

    (A). France

    (B). England

    (C). Uruguay

    (D). Finland

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  • 4 . Which is known as the oldest sports in the world?

    (A). Wrestling

    (B). Kabaddi

    (C). Football

    (D). Hockey

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  • 5 . Which country was invented table tennis?

    (A). France

    (B). Germany

    (C). England

    (D). Italy

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  • 6 . Who was the father of Football?

    (A). Doak Walker

    (B). Amos Alonzo Stagg

    (C). Walter Camp

    (D). William Heffelfinger

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  • 7 . Which country invented Badminton?

    (A). America

    (B). Germany

    (C). India

    (D). Australia

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  • 8 . Ladies world Snooker Championship 2017 was held in?

    (A). Hong Kong

    (B). India

    (C). Nepal

    (D). Singapore

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  • 9 . Who is the father of Indian Cricket?

    (A). Ranjit Sinhji

    (B). Duleep Sinhji

    (C). Lala Amarnath

    (D). Vinoo Mankad

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  • 10 . Who was the first cricketer to take all 10 wickets in a test innings?

    (A). Curtly Ambrose

    (B). Jimmy Mathews

    (C). Jim Laker

    (D). Anil Kumble

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