Science GK Quiz | Technology GK Question with Answers

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The study of science and technology is done extensively. Most questions related to Science and Technology are asked in any examinations. The questions related to science are asked in almost every exam, whether it is a state level examination or examination related to the Central Government. You can guide this website for science quizzes, question and detailed information and you can get success in any govt. exam. Here are all types of quiz, questions related to science and technology, etc. are available.

Question List Science And Tech Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Who was first invented Camera?

    (A). Joseph Nicephore Niepce

    (B). George Eastman

    (C). Eadweard Muybridge

    (D). Felix Nadar

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  • 2 . What is the chemical formula of water?

    (A). H2SO4

    (B). H2O

    (C). H2SO3

    (D). H2S

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  • 3 . Who wrote the famous book on scientific theory “On the Origin of Species”?

    (A). Alfred Russel Wallace

    (B). Gregor Mendel

    (C). Charles Darwin

    (D). Herbert Spencer

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  • 4 . Which is the largest solar power plant in the world?

    (A). Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park

    (B). Kamuthi Solar Power Project

    (C). Desert Sunlight Solar Farm

    (D). Pavagada Solar Park

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  • 5 . Who is known as the father of Botany?

    (A). Theophrastus

    (B). Aristotle

    (C). Empedocles

    (D). Democritus

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  • 6 . Who is known as father of Zoology?

    (A). Aristotle

    (B). Socrates

    (C). Immanuel Kant

    (D). Thomas Aquinas

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  • 7 . Who is the father of Chemistry?

    (A). Antoine Lavoisier

    (B). John Dolton

    (C). Joseph Priestley

    (D). Robert Boyle

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  • 8 . What is the chief ore of Aluminum is_____?

    (A). Iron

    (B). Cryolite

    (C). Bauxite

    (D). Hematite

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  • 9 . Which element has no Neutron?

    (A). Hydrogen

    (B). Carbon

    (C). Chlorine

    (D). Lithium

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  • 10 . How much time does sunlight take to reach earth?

    (A). 8.0 Minutes

    (B). 8.3 Minutes

    (C). 8.7 Minutes

    (D). 8.9 Minutes

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