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Science GK Questions Answers | Science Quiz Questions

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The study of science and technology is done extensively. Most questions related to Science and Technology are asked in any examinations. The questions related to science are asked in almost every exam, whether it is a state level examination or examination related to the Central Government. You can guide this website for science quizzes, question and detailed information and you can get success in any govt. exam. Here are all types of quiz, questions related to science and technology, etc. are available.

Question List Science And Tech Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Where is the green pitcher plant found in India?

    (A). Jammu

    (B). Uttarakhand

    (C). Himachal Pradesh

    (D). Meghalaya

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  • 2 . Which gas is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere?

    (A). Methane

    (B). Carbon dioxide

    (C). Green House Gases

    (D). Nitrous oxide

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  • 3 . What is the unit of wavelength?

    (A). Velocity

    (B). Meter

    (C). Unit

    (D). Haters

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  • 4 . What color does acid turn blue litmus paper?

    (A). Red

    (B). Green

    (C). Purple

    (D). White

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  • 5 . What do plant roots absorb from the soil?

    (A). Oxygen

    (B). Mineral

    (C). Water

    (D). Wind

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  • 6 . What are the smallest bones called?

    (A). Incas

    (B). Steps bone

    (C). Malius

    (D). Sailor bone

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  • 7 . What is the cultivation of fruits and vegetables called?

    (A). Shifting agriculture

    (B). Plantation agriculture

    (C). Jhum farming

    (D). Mixed agriculture

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  • 8 . How many viral diseases are there?

    (A). 219 virus species

    (B). 211 virus species

    (C). 209 virus species

    (D). 201 virus species

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  • 9 . How long do chickens live?

    (A). 8 -10 years

    (B). 5 -10 years

    (C). 7 -12 years

    (D). 6 -10 years

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  • 10 . Which of the following is not a chemical change?

    (A). Fruit ripening

    (B). Curdling of milk

    (C). Freezing of water

    (D). Digestion of food

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