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Politics GK Question Answers | Politics Quiz Question

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Under political subject, maximum questions are asked in the govt. examinations, related issues including Indian Politics, Constitution, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Presidential affairs. In the examinations, some questions related to politics are asked which have their own importance. In any government exams, questions in general knowledge are the appropriate number of questions related to politics. You can guide this website for any type of information related to politics, quiz, and all type of questions with detailed solution. All types of data available here related to the all govt. examinations which are highly useful for any candidate and participant. Questions related to politics are asked in examinations of SSC, UPSC, Banking, Defense, Railway etc.

Question List Politics Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Who can claim freedom under Article 19?

    (A). All Citizen

    (B). Only Child

    (C). Youth

    (D). Local citizens

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  • 2 . Who can include or exclude areas under the Sixth Schedule?

    (A). Panchayati Raj

    (B). Governor

    (C). Prime Minister

    (D). Ex Minister

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  • 3 . When was Hindi language recognized by the Indian Constitution?

    (A). 1956

    (B). 1950

    (C). 1988

    (D). 1967

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  • 4 . How many members are there in Rajya Sabha?

    (A). 245

    (B). 230

    (C). 250

    (D). 270

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  • 5 . Which of the following articles of the Indian Constitution prohibits the screening process for admission of children to school?

    (A). Section 10

    (B). Section 13

    (C). Section 17

    (D). Section 20

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  • 6 . How many fundamental duties are there in the Indian Constitution?

    (A). 11

    (B). 9

    (C). 8

    (D). 6

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  • 7 . When was the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language formed?

    (A). 1977

    (B). 1976

    (C). 1954

    (D). 1966

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  • 8 . Which of the following words is not mentioned in the Preamble?

    (A). Freedom

    (B). Harmony

    (C). Religion

    (D). Justice

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  • 9 . Which of the following articles of the Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of the press?

    (A). Article 17

    (B). Article 19

    (C). Article 15

    (D). Article 13

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  • 10 . Which of the following is known as mini constitution?

    (A). 41st amendment

    (B). 42nd amendment

    (C). 48th amendment

    (D). 49th amendment

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