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History GK Questions Answers | History Quiz Questions

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History is a wide-ranging subject in which the journey is from ancient times to modern times. Most questions related to history are asked in examinations whether it is from Indian history or from foreign history. Indian history has its own importance, with most of the questions related to it are asked in the examinations of government jobs. We provide here all types of quiz, question and answer related to history, including detailed information. You can guide this website regularly to make good gains in general knowledge and for some interesting information related to history.

Question List History Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Which stone has been used in Mukteshwar temple?

    (A). Sandstone

    (B). Limestone

    (C). Slate

    (D). Garnet

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  • 2 . Who led the rebellion of 1857 in Lucknow and Kanpur?

    (A). Bahadur Shah Zafari

    (B). Mangal Pandey

    (C). Nana Saheb

    (D). Maulvi Liaquat Ali

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  • 3 . Which inscription of Ashoka describes the Kalinga war?

    (A). Rock Edict IX or 09

    (B). Rock Edict XII or 13

    (C). Rock Edict X or 10

    (D). Rock Edict XIII or 13

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  • 4 . Who is the founder of Maurya Empire?

    (A). Chandra Gupta Mourya

    (B). Mahinda

    (C). Kunal

    (D). Bankruptcy

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  • 5 . Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire?

    (A). Babur

    (B). Akbar

    (C). Bahadur Shahi

    (D). Shah Alam

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  • 6 . Which metal coin was most popular in the Gupta period?

    (A). Pound

    (B). Silver Coin

    (C). Gold Coin

    (D). Silver Penny

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  • 7 . Where did Mahavir die?

    (A). Bihar

    (B). Bodh Gaya

    (C). Pavapuri

    (D). Patna

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  • 8 . When did our calendar start?

    (A). 1599

    (B). 1568

    (C). 1582

    (D). 1500

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  • 9 . When did Buddhism split into Hinayana and Mahayana?

    (A). 66 AD

    (B). 69 AD

    (C). 72 AD

    (D). 76 AD

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  • 10 . In which year was the first feminist conference organized in India?

    (A). 1900

    (B). 1906

    (C). 1927

    (D). 1935

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