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Geography GK Questions Answers | Geography Quiz Questions

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Geography is a comprehensive topic. Many types of questions related to geography are asked in the exams whether it has been held for the post of clerk or IAS level. In geography, the earth, the universe, the sky, the air, the water, the trees, the plants, the forest etc., the related questions are often asked in the examinations of government jobs. Geography is under General Knowledge. Questions from the general knowledge category are of maximum geography, history, politics and economics. For better preparation and success of any government jobs such as SSC, Banking, Railways, Defense, UPSC etc. you can take guidance from this website and earn success easily.

Question List Geography Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Which continent is called the "White Continent"?

    (A). Antarctica

    (B). South Africa

    (C). Australia

    (D). Asia

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  • 2 . Which state of India is also called "Sugar Bowl"?

    (A). Himachal Pradesh

    (B). Arunachal Pradesh

    (C). Uttar Pradesh

    (D). Andhra Pradesh

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  • 3 . Which river originating from Tibet is known as "Dihang" in Arunachal Pradesh?

    (A). Dibang

    (B). Lehid

    (C). Brahmaputra

    (D). Manas

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  • 4 . On which continent is the world's largest coral reef 'Great Barrier Reef' located?

    (A). Asia

    (B). South America

    (C). South Africa

    (D). Australia

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  • 5 . New York City is situated on the banks of which river?

    (A). Thames

    (B). Hudson

    (C). Colorado

    (D). Mississippi

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  • 6 . What is the celestial body that revolves around any planet called?

    (A). Satellite

    (B). Comet Star

    (C). Meteorite

    (D). Star

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  • 7 . Which of the following is an evergreen region?

    (A). Andaman and Nicobar

    (B). Jharkhand

    (C). Sri Lanka

    (D). Tibet

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  • 8 . Which of the following towns/cities is not situated on the banks of a river?

    (A). Kanpur

    (B). Bhopal

    (C). Uttarkashi

    (D). Haridwar

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  • 9 . Which is the state with highest road density in India?

    (A). Kerala

    (B). Delhi

    (C). Kolkata

    (D). West Bengal

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  • 10 . Which meridian is used as the standard meridian of India?

    (A). 81° 30' East

    (B). 82° 30' East

    (C). 83° 30' East

    (D). 84° 30' East

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