Environment GK Quiz |General Knowledge Questions

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Environment is a brief topic, so the questions related to it are mostly asked in all government examinations. In the way the environment has great importance in our lives, so the related questions also have great importance for all examinations. All types of questions and their answers are asked here under the environment. There are all types of general knowledge related questions available. Our objective is to make the candidate easily achieve success in any of the exams. You can better guide our website for any kind of tests like UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railway etc.

Question List Environment Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Where is situated Dudhwa National Park?

    (A). Madhya Pradesh

    (B). Uttar Pradesh

    (C). Rajasthan

    (D). Haryana

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  • 2 . The name of India derived from which river?

    (A). Indus River

    (B). Ganges River

    (C). Brahmaputra River

    (D). Sutlej River

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  • 3 . Which is the biggest thermal power plant in India?

    (A). Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station

    (B). Renusagar Thermal Power Plant

    (C). Anpara Thermal Power Plant

    (D). Reliance Sasan Ultra Mega Power

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  • 4 . When was established National Defence Academy?

    (A). 1951

    (B). 1952

    (C). 1953

    (D). 1954

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  • 5 . What is the percentage of CO2 in atmosphere?

    (A). 0.0391 percent

    (B). 0.1001 Percent

    (C). 1.0001 Percent

    (D). 0.1001 Percent

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  • 6 . Which is the most polluted city in the world?

    (A). Faridabad

    (B). Varanasi

    (C). Kanpur

    (D). Lucknow

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  • 7 . Who is known as the father of Indian environmental science?

    (A). Ramdeo Mishra

    (B). Sunderlal Bahuguna

    (C). Vinobha Bhave

    (D). Raja Ram Mohan Roy

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  • 8 . Which of the following animal has the highest blood pressure?

    (A). Elephant

    (B). Giraffe

    (C). Lion

    (D). Rabbit

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  • 9 . Where is located Silent Valley National Park?

    (A). Odisha

    (B). Kerala

    (C). Tamil Nadu

    (D). West Bengal

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  • 10 . Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world’s_______?

    (A). Longest railway station

    (B). Highest railway station

    (C). Largest Railway Station

    (D). None of the above

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