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Environment GK Questions Answers | Environment Quiz Questions

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Environment is a brief topic, so the questions related to it are mostly asked in all government examinations. In the way the environment has great importance in our lives, so the related questions also have great importance for all examinations. All types of questions and their answers are asked here under the environment. There are all types of general knowledge related questions available. Our objective is to make the candidate easily achieve success in any of the exams. You can better guide our website for any kind of tests like UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railway etc.

Question List Environment Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Which country produces the most energy?

    (A). United States of america

    (B). Russia

    (C). Saudi Arab

    (D). China

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  • 2 . Which is the largest saline lake in the world?

    (A). Wular Lake

    (B). Chilka Lake

    (C). Manasbal Lake

    (D). Sandy lake

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  • 3 . Which state in India has more elephants?

    (A). Karnataka

    (B). Assam

    (C). Kerala

    (D). Mizoram

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  • 4 . Bandhavgarh National Park (UNP) is located in which district?

    (A). Umaria

    (B). Agar Malwa

    (C). Alirajpur

    (D). Ashoknagar

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  • 5 . Which animal is found in wild natural habitat in India?

    (A). Royal Bengal Tiger

    (B). Asian Elephant

    (C). Leopard

    (D). Black Bear

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  • 6 . Sariska National Park is in which state?

    (A). Rajasthan

    (B). Bihar

    (C). Uttar Pradesh

    (D). Chhattisgarh

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  • 7 . When did the Galapagos Islands become a national park?

    (A). 1936

    (B). 1956

    (C). 1959

    (D). 1900

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  • 8 . Which is the northernmost wildlife sanctuary in Kerala?

    (A). Aralam

    (B). Chinnar

    (C). Kasargod

    (D). Thiruvananthapuram

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  • 9 . How many chapters are there in Agenda 21?

    (A). 44

    (B). 43

    (C). 40

    (D). 41

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  • 10 . Which fish is found in abundance in Kaveri river?

    (A). Mahaseer

    (B). Game fish

    (C). Norway redfish

    (D). Gaudi

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