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Environment GK Questions Answers | Environment Quiz Questions

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Environment is a brief topic, so the questions related to it are mostly asked in all government examinations. In the way the environment has great importance in our lives, so the related questions also have great importance for all examinations. All types of questions and their answers are asked here under the environment. There are all types of general knowledge related questions available. Our objective is to make the candidate easily achieve success in any of the exams. You can better guide our website for any kind of tests like UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railway etc.

Question List Environment Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Which sector of the economy is most important

    (A). Fish Area

    (B). Forestry Area

    (C). Excavation area

    (D). Agricultural sector

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  • 2 . Which is 106th National Park?

    (A). Jaldapara National Park

    (B). Raimona National Park

    (C). Hemis National Park

    (D). Ranthambore National Park

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  • 3 . Which country will host the World Environment Day 2022?

    (A). Sweden

    (B). Dhaka

    (C). Canada

    (D). Brazil

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  • 4 . Name the drug which is related to the plant source of coffee or tea.

    (A). Chlorophyll

    (B). Thornapple

    (C). Opium

    (D). Caffeine

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  • 5 . Which is the famous animal of Jammu and Kashmir?

    (A). Chiru

    (B). Kashmiri Hangul

    (C). Snow Leopard

    (D). Kashmir Musk Deer

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  • 6 . Over extraction of groundwater

    (A). Over extraction of groundwater

    (B). Excessive groundwater pumping

    (C). Human population growth

    (D). Soil erosion

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  • 7 . Which is the smallest tiger reserve in India?

    (A). Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

    (B). Bor Tiger Reserve

    (C). Srisailam Tiger Reserve

    (D). Guru Ghasidas National Park

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  • 8 . How many National Parks are there in Telangana?

    (A). 8 national parks

    (B). 9 national parks

    (C). 5 national parks

    (D). 11 national parks

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  • 9 . Which state of India has the maximum number of tigers?

    (A). Jharkhand

    (B). Uttar Pradesh

    (C). Madhya Pradesh

    (D). Lakshadweep

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  • 10 . Where is the headquarter of United Nations Environment Program located?

    (A). Nairobi County

    (B). Denver

    (C). Nairobi, Kenya

    (D). Kisumu

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