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Computer GK Questions Answers | Computer Quiz Questions

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Computer studies have currently become a broad topic in all schools, colleges and universities. In today's time, information related to computer is highly essential for government jobs or for private jobs. In almost all government jobs exams, some questions are asked regarding computer related. Who have their own importance Detailed computer information and computer related questions and their solutions have been made available here, which are very useful in any government examination. It has provided all the questions related to the computer and their answers, including detailed information. Take guidance from here for success in the examinations.

Question List Computer Gk Quiz

  • 1 . What mode your documents print in, by default

    (A). Landscape

    (B). Portrait mode

    (C). Page Setup

    (D). Print Setup

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  • 2 . Which is the fastest supercomputer of 2022 in India?

    (A). Super Computer

    (B). Param Pravega

    (C). Workstation Computer

    (D). Server Computer

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  • 3 . What is used to perform an arithmetic operation between two operands?

    (A). Arithmetic operators

    (B). Logical operators

    (C). Control Unit

    (D). ALU

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  • 4 . Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?

    (A). LAN

    (B). VAN

    (C). Rome

    (D). RAM

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  • 5 . To make the number pad act as a directional arrow, we press

    (A). Arrow Lock

    (B). Caps Lock

    (C). Shift

    (D). Key

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  • 6 . How many bytes does 4 kilobytes represent?

    (A). 580

    (B). 1085

    (C). 1024

    (D). 1102

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  • 7 . Individuals attempting to obtain confidential information from you by misrepresenting their identity

    (A). Spyware scams

    (B). Computer virus

    (C). Phishing Scams

    (D). Fishing Trip

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  • 8 . Which of the following happens when a user opens an account in a computer system?

    (A). Super Floppy Drive

    (B). Microfarad

    (C). Subdirectory

    (D). User Environment

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  • 9 . Which of the following parts of the processor contains the necessary hardware to perform all the functions required by the computer?

    (A). Data path

    (B). Motherboard

    (C). CPU

    (D). UPS

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  • 10 . What is a collection of excel workbooks?

    (A). Charts & Worksheets

    (B). Chart

    (C). Worksheet

    (D). Word Book

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