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Computer GK Questions Answers | Computer Quiz Questions

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Computer studies have currently become a broad topic in all schools, colleges and universities. In today's time, information related to computer is highly essential for government jobs or for private jobs. In almost all government jobs exams, some questions are asked regarding computer related. Who have their own importance Detailed computer information and computer related questions and their solutions have been made available here, which are very useful in any government examination. It has provided all the questions related to the computer and their answers, including detailed information. Take guidance from here for success in the examinations.

Question List Computer Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Which of the following is not a key to punctuation?

    (A). Equal Sign

    (B). Comma

    (C). Full stop

    (D). Question Mark

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  • 2 . Which of these is hardware?

    (A). Hard Disk

    (B). Key Board

    (C). Mouse

    (D). Printer

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  • 3 . What language is the slogan Right Once Anywhere?

    (A). COBOL

    (B). HTML

    (C). XML

    (D). Java Language

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  • 4 . What is the smallest unit of information?

    (A). MegaByte

    (B). Byte

    (C). Bit

    (D). Data

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  • 5 . What is the most basic part of a computer?

    (A). CPU

    (B). UPS

    (C). Bit

    (D). Data

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  • 6 . When was the Z3 computer invented?

    (A). 1966

    (B). 1941

    (C). 1965

    (D). 1985

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  • 7 . What generation is assembly language?

    (A). First Generation Language

    (B). Second generation language

    (C). Third Generation Language

    (D). Fourth Generation Language

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  • 8 . In which year did Microsoft first introduce the operating environment called Windows?

    (A). 1856

    (B). 1876

    (C). 1985

    (D). 1995

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  • 9 . How much RAM does NASA's computer have?

    (A). 192 GB memory per front-end

    (B). 200 GB memory per front-end

    (C). 162 GB memory per front-end

    (D). 362 GB memory per front-end

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  • 10 . What was the most popular first generation computer?

    (A). IBM 360

    (B). IBM 2700

    (C). IBM 1130

    (D). IBM 650

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