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Computer GK Questions Answers | Computer Quiz Questions

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Computer studies have currently become a broad topic in all schools, colleges and universities. In today's time, information related to computer is highly essential for government jobs or for private jobs. In almost all government jobs exams, some questions are asked regarding computer related. Who have their own importance Detailed computer information and computer related questions and their solutions have been made available here, which are very useful in any government examination. It has provided all the questions related to the computer and their answers, including detailed information. Take guidance from here for success in the examinations.

Question List Computer Gk Quiz

  • 1 . What is "Bit Defender"? Is?

    (A). Antivirus Program

    (B). Word processors

    (C). Excel Data Command

    (D). Graphics File Format

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  • 2 . Which of the following is not an "input device"?

    (A). Graphic Tablet

    (B). Barcode Reader

    (C). Laser Printer

    (D). Keyboard

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  • 3 . What to do to open your account in any website?

    (A). login

    (B). Sign Up

    (C). Sign On

    (D). Start

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  • 4 . Which supercomputer project was developed at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre?

    (A). Param Padam

    (B). Supreme

    (C). CHIPS

    (D). Anupam

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  • 5 . How many Swift keys are there in a computer keyboard?

    (A). One shift keys

    (B). Two shift keys

    (C). Three shift keys

    (D). Four shift keys

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  • 6 . What does HD mean in the digital world?

    (A). Heavy Device

    (B). High Definition

    (C). Heavy Duty

    (D). High Density

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  • 7 . What are different types of writing called in computer language?

    (A). File

    (B). Fonts

    (C). Folder

    (D). Menu

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  • 8 . What is using the content of another web page on your web page without permission?

    (A). Manipulation

    (B). Plagiarism

    (C). Unauthorized

    (D). Contents Theft

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  • 9 . Where is the name of a folder visible in the computer?

    (A). Taskbar

    (B). Title Bar

    (C). Address Bar

    (D). None of these

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  • 10 . What should be done to protect the computer from viruses?

    (A). Antivirus installation

    (B). Windows Update

    (C). New machine installation

    (D). Window Format

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