Banking GK Quiz | Banking GK Questions with Answers

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Here we provide a quiz related to banking and accountancy, as well as their solutions are also available. Especially useful quiz for those who are preparing for government jobs such as SSC, UPSC, Banking, Railways, Defense Department etc. are available here. This improved e-medium for banking related exams those preparing government jobs can visit this website regularly, in which all the quizzes and informational related to banking examinations have been available. Here you can find all the question of General knowledge with their answers, questions of all other topics with detailed information. Better guidance for preparation of Banking, UPSC, Railway, SSC etc visit this website regularly.

Question List Banking Gk Quiz

  • 1 . When was established Indian Bank?

    (A). 1906

    (B). 1907

    (C). 1911

    (D). 1915

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  • 2 . When was founded The Nainital Bank?

    (A). 1920

    (B). 1921

    (C). 1922

    (D). 1923

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  • 3 . When was established Dena Bank?

    (A). 1938

    (B). 1942

    (C). 1946

    (D). 1949

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  • 4 . When was established Vijaya Bank?

    (A). 1938

    (B). 1906

    (C). 1931

    (D). 1908

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  • 5 . What is the new name of UTI Bank?

    (A). Vijaya Bank

    (B). Bank of Baroda

    (C). Axis Bank

    (D). Dena Bank

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  • 6 . How many total nationalized banks in India?

    (A). 27

    (B). 22

    (C). 20

    (D). 14

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  • 7 . Who is the first Bank of India?

    (A). Bank of Hindustan

    (B). Imperial Bank of India

    (C). Allahabad Bank

    (D). Punjab National Bank

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  • 8 . How many active payments bank in India?

    (A). 8

    (B). 7

    (C). 6

    (D). 5

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  • 9 . Ashok Chawla has resigned from the chairmanship of which bank over an allegation of corruption?

    (A). Canara Bank

    (B). Yes Bank

    (C). Indian Bank

    (D). Bank of Maharashtra

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  • 10 . Why World Bank was established?

    (A). To Promote the International Trade

    (B). To reconstruct the economy damaged during the Second World War

    (C). To improve the adverse balance of payment situation of the non member countries

    (D). All of these

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