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Banking GK Questions Answers | Banking Quiz Questions

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Here we provide a quiz related to banking and accountancy, as well as their solutions are also available. Especially useful quiz for those who are preparing for government jobs such as SSC, UPSC, Banking, Railways, Defense Department etc. are available here. This improved e-medium for banking related exams those preparing government jobs can visit this website regularly, in which all the quizzes and informational related to banking examinations have been available. Here you can find all the question of General knowledge with their answers, questions of all other topics with detailed information. Better guidance for preparation of Banking, UPSC, Railway, SSC etc visit this website regularly.

Question List Banking Gk Quiz

  • 1 . Which bank is the operator of the payment system?

    (A). Axis Bank

    (B). RBI

    (C). Corporate Bank

    (D). Cooperative bank

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  • 2 . How many types of indirect taxes are there in India?

    (A). Four types

    (B). Eight types

    (C). Seven types

    (D). Five types

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  • 3 . Which country became the largest exporter of rice?

    (A). India

    (B). China

    (C). Pakistan

    (D). Thailand

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  • 4 . Which movement encouraged the formation of commercial banks?

    (A). Civil disobedience movement

    (B). Swadeshi Movement

    (C). Save forest movement

    (D). Narmada Bachao Andolan

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  • 5 . Which bank was amalgamated with Punjab National Bank in 1993?

    (A). Indian Bank

    (B). United Bank of India

    (C). City Union Bank

    (D). New Bank Of India

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  • 6 . How many types of PSL can the bank issue?

    (A). 9

    (B). 7

    (C). 4

    (D). 2

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  • 7 . Which is the highest currency in the world?

    (A). Rupeeya

    (B). Dollar

    (C). Yen

    (D). Kuwaiti Dinar

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  • 8 . How many stages are there in the bankruptcy process?

    (A). 6 stages

    (B). 4 stages

    (C). 9 stages

    (D). 11 stages

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  • 9 . What is the total GST revenue collected in August 2022?

    (A). 1,43,612

    (B). 2,43,612

    (C). 1,99,612

    (D). 1,43,844

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  • 10 . How many stages are there in the bankruptcy process?

    (A). 18 steps

    (B). 12 steps

    (C). 6 steps

    (D). 4 steps

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