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Blood Relation Reasoning | Blood Relation Questions with Answers

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Here we sharing selective and important multiple choice Blood Relationship reasoning questions and answers for govt exams, which are usually asked in Government Exams. This is the aptitude questions and answers section on Blood Relationship reasoning for various competitive examination. Aptitude is the central point that determines your selection in competitive exams SSC, MTS, CGL, Bank, Defence and Railway etc. Hence, Try these online tests on Blood Relationship reasoning. Blood Relationship reasoning solved questions or problems with solutions covered for all competitive exams, interviews and entrance tests.

Question List Blood Relationship

  • 1 . P is the mother of Q and sister of R. R has a daughter S who is married to T. L is the husband of P. How is L related to Q?

    (A). Father

    (B). Uncle

    (C). Son

    (D). Cousin

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  • 2 . Pointing to a man in a photograph a women said, ‘His brother’s father is the women related to the man in the photograph?

    (A). Mother

    (B). Aunt

    (C). Daughter

    (D). Sister

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  • 3 . Pointing to a girl, Shekhar said “She is the only daughter of my grandfather’s only child”. How is the girl related to Shekhar?

    (A). Daughter

    (B). Niece

    (C). Sister

    (D). None of these

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  • 4 . In a class of 125 students 20% of the students can dance. 3/5 the of the remaining member of students in the class can sing and 3/7th of the remaining number of students in the class are good at sports. What is the respective ratio of the number of students who can dance to the number of students who are good at sports?

    (A). 5:4

    (B). 4:3

    (C). 5:6

    (D). 6:2

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  • 5 . A tap can fill an empty tank in 12 hour and a leakage can empty the whole tank in 20 hour. If the tap and the leakage are work one by one hour respectively. How long will it take to fill the whole tank?

    (A). 40h

    (B). 30h

    (C). 45h

    (D). 60h

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