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Times and Work Questions | Pipe Distance Questions with Answers

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Here we sharing selective and important multiple choice Times and Work and Pipe Distance questions and answers for govt exams, which are usually asked in Government Exams. This is the aptitude questions and answers section on Times and Work and Pipe Distance for various competitive examination. Aptitude is the central point that determines your selection in competitive exams SSC, MTS, CGL, Bank, Defence and Railway etc. Hence, Try these online tests on Times and Work and Pipe Distance. Times and Work and Pipe Distance solved questions or problems with solutions covered for all competitive exams, interviews and entrance tests.

Question List Times Work Pipe Distance

  • 1 . Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 9 hours and 6 hours respectively. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously, how much time will be taken to fill the tank?

    (A). 3 hour 12 minutes

    (B). 3 hour 26 minutes

    (C). 3 hour 36 minutes

    (D). 3 hour 48 minutes

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  • 2 . If 5 men or 6 women can do a piece of work in 49 days, then in how many days will 4 men and 5 women do the same work?

    (A). 35

    (B). 28

    (C). 42

    (D). 30

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  • 3 . A shopkeeper mixed two varieties of sugar purchased at the rate of Rs. 40/kg and at the rate of Rs. 33/kg respectively. If he sells the mixture at the rate of Rs.92 per kg. and thus gains 20%, find the ratio in which the two varieties are mixed.

    (A). 3:5

    (B). 2:5

    (C). 5:3

    (D). 4:7

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  • 4 . A can do a piece of work in 16 days which B can do in 24 days. They begin together but days before the completion of the work, B leaves off. The total number of days to complete the work is : -

    (A). 7.5 days

    (B). 10 days

    (C). 12 days

    (D). 13.5 days

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  • 5 . In a comp, 105 men provisions for 33 days. After 5 days, 1/5 of the men left the comp. for how many days will the remaining food last now?

    (A). 29 days

    (B). 31 days

    (C). 33 days

    (D). 35 days

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  • 6 . Pawan can do a work in 10 days and Shekhar in 12 days. Pawan and Shekhar can do the work on alternate days. If Shekhar begins the work them the work can be finished in how many days?

    (A). 10 5/6 days

    (B). 11 days

    (C). 11 ½ days

    (D). 12 days

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  • 7 . If 12 carpenters working 6 hours a day can make 330 chairs in 150 days, then no. of chairs made by 6 carpenters in 180 days each working 8 hours a day.

    (A). 426

    (B). 462

    (C). 264

    (D). 624

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  • 8 . A waiter salary consists of his salary and tips. During one month his tips were 4/3 of his salary. What fraction of his income came from tips?

    (A). 7/4

    (B). 4/7

    (C). 3/7

    (D). 7/3

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  • 9 . A can finish a work in 12 days, B in 9 days and C in 24 days. A, B and C will after 3 days. Then in how many days C will complete the remaining work.

    (A). 10 days

    (B). 15 days

    (C). 7 days

    (D). 3 days

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  • 10 . A, B and C can do work in 8, 16, 24 days respectively. They all begin together. A continues to work till it is finished, but C leaving off 2 days and B 1 day before its completion. In what time is work finished ?

    (A). 3 days

    (B). 10 days

    (C). 5 days

    (D). 15 days

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