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Boats and Streams Questions | Boats Questions with Answers

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Here we sharing selective and important multiple choice Boats and Streams questions and answers for govt exams, which are usually asked in Government Exams. This is the aptitude questions and answers section on Boats and Streams for various competitive examination. Aptitude is the central point that determines your selection in competitive exams SSC, MTS, CGL, Bank, Defence and Railway etc. Hence, Try these online tests on Boats and Streams. Boats and Streams solved questions or problems with solutions covered for all competitive exams, interviews and entrance tests.

Question List Boats Streams

  • 1 . A boat covers 30km in a hour with downstream and covers the same distance in 3 hour with upstream. Then, find the speed of boat in still water ?

    (A). 15km/h

    (B). 20km/h

    (C). 22km/h

    (D). 25km/h

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  • 2 . Ram runs 1350m on Monday and Friday. Another days he runs 1600m except for Sunday. (he does not run on Sunday). How many kilometer will he run in 3 weaks (first day starting from Monday)?

    (A). 27.3

    (B). 29.4

    (C). 31.6

    (D). 25.5

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  • 3 . A HR company employees 5000 people, out of which 45% are males and 70% of the males are either 25yrs. or older. How many males are employed in HR company Who are younger than 25yrs.?

    (A). 675

    (B). 1575

    (C). 864

    (D). None of these

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