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Mixture Questions with Answers | Alligation Questions and Answers

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Here we sharing selective and important multiple choice Alligation and Mixture questions and answers for govt exams, which are usually asked in Government Exams. This is the aptitude questions and answers section on Alligation And Mixture for various competitive examination. Aptitude is the central point that determines your selection in competitive exams SSC, MTS, CGL, Bank, Defence and Railway etc. Hence, Try these online tests on Mixtures and Alligation. Alligation and mixture solved questions or problems with solutions covered for all competitive exams, interviews and entrance tests.

Question List Alligation Mixture

  • 1 . A number when successively divided by 3, 5 and 7 leaves remainders 3, 4 and 3 respectively. Find the respective remainders if the order of divisions be reversed.

    (A). 421

    (B). 331

    (C). 431

    (D). 321

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  • 2 . A number divided by 161 give 29 as remainder if the same number is divided by 7, the reminder will be ?

    (A). 5

    (B). 3

    (C). 1

    (D). 4

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  • 3 . A candidates scored 198 marks and failed by 16 marks. It is required to get 40% marks to qualify an exam. What were the maximum marks of that exam?

    (A). 520

    (B). 502

    (C). 504

    (D). 540

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  • 4 . The different between a number and its Third-Fifth is 3128. What is 10% of that number?

    (A). 642

    (B). 742

    (C). 782

    (D). 842

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  • 5 . Rajesh earns Rs. 17 on the first day and he spend Rs. 14 on the next day. He again earns Rs. 17 on the third day and spends Rs. 14 on the fourth day. If he continues to save like this, how soon will he have Rs. 62 in hand?

    (A). On 16th days

    (B). On 31st days

    (C). On 32nd days

    (D). On 35th days

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  • 6 . Number of letters skipped in between adjacent letters goes on increasing successively by one in the series. Identify the set following the above rule.

    (A). CEHLP

    (B). FILOR

    (C). ZYVSR

    (D). NPSWZ

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  • 7 . When a number is multiplied 6 times with itself, it give the value 2168. Find the number ?

    (A). 15

    (B). 17

    (C). 18

    (D). 19

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  • 8 . What is the least number to be multiplied with 4032 to make it a perfect square?

    (A). 5

    (B). 3

    (C). 7

    (D). 9

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  • 9 . A number divided by 16 gives remainder 7. What will be the remainder when the square of this number is divided by 4?

    (A). 1

    (B). 2

    (C). 3

    (D). 0

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  • 10 . If 8th March falls on Sunday, what would be the 31th days of that month?

    (A). Monday

    (B). Tuesday

    (C). Wednesday

    (D). Saturday

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