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Economics GK Questions Answers | Economics Quiz Questions

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Economics is a broad subject that is widely studied in any school and university. The questions related to economics are usually asked in any government or private jobs examinations. The economics topic is very important for any government job preparation. Under economics, many economists are asked about the principles, ideas, mentions and research. Here are common knowledge questions related to all kinds of exams. You can prepare for the exams through this website to earn points in extraordinary examinations. Here are all types of questions and answers and detailed information available related to economics.

Question List Economics Gk Quiz

  • 21 . When was the first industrial policy introduced?

    (A). 1948

    (B). 1956

    (C). 1972

    (D). 1968

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  • 22 . What is the common name of M3?

    (A). Money Supply

    (B). Currency

    (C). Deposit

    (D). Maturity

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  • 23 . When did UTI start its work in India?

    (A). 1966

    (B). 1964

    (C). 1982

    (D). 1991

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  • 24 . Who founded the State Bank of India?

    (A). Indian government

    (B). Ministry of Finance

    (C). Secretaries

    (D). President of India

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  • 25 . Who was the first RBI governor of India?

    (A). Chintaman Dwarkanath Deshmukh

    (B). M. Narasimham

    (C). I G Patel

    (D). James Brad Taylor

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  • 26 . Which article of the Indian Constitution deals with the utility of the State of India?

    (A). Article 200

    (B). Article 300

    (C). Article 490

    (D). Article 312

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  • 27 . Who is the President of World Steel Association?

    (A). Mr. Sajjan Jindal

    (B). Prithvi Raj Jindal

    (C). Abhyudaya Jindal

    (D). Yu Yong

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  • 28 . How many items are imported in India?

    (A). Around 7500

    (B). Around 7800

    (C). Around 8800

    (D). Around 9100

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  • 29 . How much plastic is produced per year?

    (A). 380 million tonnes

    (B). 300 million tonnes

    (C). 350 million tonnes

    (D). 320 million tonnes

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  • 30 . What is the total number of members in the Central Consumer Protection Board?

    (A). 42

    (B). 36

    (C). 22

    (D). 19

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