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Economics GK Questions Answers | Economics Quiz Questions

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Economics is a broad subject that is widely studied in any school and university. The questions related to economics are usually asked in any government or private jobs examinations. The economics topic is very important for any government job preparation. Under economics, many economists are asked about the principles, ideas, mentions and research. Here are common knowledge questions related to all kinds of exams. You can prepare for the exams through this website to earn points in extraordinary examinations. Here are all types of questions and answers and detailed information available related to economics.

Question List Economics Gk Quiz

  • 11 . Who was the architect of the first five year plan?

    (A). K.N. Raj

    (B). Prashant Chandra Mahalanobis

    (C). Jawaharlal Nehru

    (D). Mr. Montek Singh

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  • 12 . What is the cheapest money?

    (A). Iranian Rial

    (B). Vietnamese dong

    (C). Indonesian Rupiah

    (D). Uzbekistan Somi

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  • 13 . Who has launched Aadhaar enabled payment system?

    (A). Airtel Payments Bank

    (B). India Post Payments Bank

    (C). Idea Payments Bank

    (D). Jio Payments Bank

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  • 14 . Which of the following will not come under narrow money?

    (A). Supply of money

    (B). Narrow money

    (C). Broad money

    (D). Hard money

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  • 15 . When was APEDA formed?

    (A). 13 February 1986

    (B). 18 February 1988

    (C). 11 February 1989

    (D). 16 February 1987

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  • 16 . Who introduced Minimum Support Price?

    (A). Indian government

    (B). MSP

    (C). HYV

    (D). APMC

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  • 17 . Which country is the largest supplier of crude oil to India?

    (A). Iraq

    (B). Russia

    (C). Kuwait

    (D). Algeria

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  • 18 . What is the limit of BHIM UPI?

    (A). Rs 40,000 per transaction

    (B). Rs 60,000 per transaction

    (C). Rs 80,000 per transaction

    (D). Rs 10,0000 per transaction

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  • 19 . When was NPCI established?

    (A). 2008

    (B). 2009

    (C). 2012

    (D). 2014

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  • 20 . Which committee recommended the introduction of wealth tax?

    (A). Kaldor Committee

    (B). Planning Commission

    (C). Finance Commission

    (D). Planning Commission

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