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Today GK Quiz Latest Question

  • 1 . How many types of loans are there under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana?

    (A). 2 loan schemes

    (B). 3 loan schemes

    (C). 4 loan schemes

    (D). 5 loan schemes

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  • 2 . Who has the power to make laws on residuary subjects?

    (A). Parliament

    (B). Central government

    (C). Lok Sabha

    (D). Rajya Sabha

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  • 3 . How many shlokas are there in Kalpasutra?

    (A). 1222 shlokas

    (B). 1219 shlokas

    (C). 1215 shlokas

    (D). 1219 shlokas

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  • 4 . Which of the following is the main source of energy?

    (A). Biomass

    (B). Sun

    (C). Trash

    (D). Energy saver

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  • 5 . How many National Highways are there in India in 2022?

    (A). 325

    (B). 302

    (C). 599

    (D). 678

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  • 6 . Which of the following generation of computers is related to artificial intelligence?

    (A). Third generation

    (B). Fifth generation

    (C). Eighth generation

    (D). Eleventh generation

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  • 7 . Which Indian company has formed a joint venture (JV) with Foxconn to manufacture semiconductors in India?

    (A). Broadcom Inc

    (B). chiplogic

    (C). Vedanta

    (D). Sankhya

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  • 8 . What is the maximum number of electrons in the L shell?

    (A). 32 electrons

    (B). 15 electrons

    (C). 10 electrons

    (D). 8 electrons

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  • 9 . Where were the first Winter Olympics held?

    (A). Chamonix

    (B). Brisbane

    (C). Salt Lake City

    (D). Brisbane

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  • 10 . Which state has launched "ACB 14400"

    (A). Madhya Pradesh

    (B). Himachal Pradesh

    (C). Andhra Pradesh

    (D). Uttar Pradesh

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