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Today GK Quiz Latest Question

  • 1 . Which is not a capital gain?

    (A). Immovable properties

    (B). Investment

    (C). Working Capital

    (D). Sweet Equities

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  • 2 . Who can claim freedom under Article 19?

    (A). All Citizen

    (B). Only Child

    (C). Youth

    (D). Local citizens

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  • 3 . Which stone has been used in Mukteshwar temple?

    (A). Sandstone

    (B). Limestone

    (C). Slate

    (D). Garnet

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  • 4 . Which meridian is used as the standard meridian of India?

    (A). 81° 30' East

    (B). 82° 30' East

    (C). 83° 30' East

    (D). 84° 30' East

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  • 5 . Which fish is found in abundance in Kaveri river?

    (A). Mahaseer

    (B). Game fish

    (C). Norway redfish

    (D). Gaudi

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  • 6 . Which of the following is not a key to punctuation?

    (A). Equal Sign

    (B). Comma

    (C). Full stop

    (D). Question Mark

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  • 7 . Who was the first woman chairperson of Bharatiya Mahila Bank?

    (A). S M Swati

    (B). Arundhati Bhattacharya

    (C). Usha Ananth Subramaniam

    (D). Shikha Sharma

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  • 8 . Which of these diseases is genetic?

    (A). Kwashiorkar

    (B). Haemophilia

    (C). Marasmas

    (D). Scurvy

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  • 9 . In which game is there an "extra player"?

    (A). Chess

    (B). Cricket

    (C). Table Tennis

    (D). Volleyball

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  • 10 . Which union ministry is associated with AFSPA?

    (A). Union Home Minister

    (B). Ministry of Home Affairs

    (C). Indian Armed Forces

    (D). Center Goverment

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