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Today GK Quiz Latest Question

  • 1 . In which year was the first Statutory National Commission established?

    (A). 1990

    (B). 1995

    (C). 1993

    (D). 1996

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  • 2 . When did the Banking Regulation Act come into force?

    (A). 16 January 1944

    (B). 16 March 1949

    (C). 16 May 1949

    (D). 16 September 1950

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  • 3 . When was the Official Language Act passed?

    (A). 1900

    (B). 1963

    (C). 1962

    (D). 1965

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  • 4 . Which is the most famous temple in the world?

    (A). Angkor Wat

    (B). Than Hou Temple

    (C). Kandy Borobudur

    (D). Wat benchmabofite

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  • 5 . When was the first Indian steel plant started?

    (A). 1901

    (B). 1905

    (C). 1900

    (D). 1907

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  • 6 . How many tigers are there in Sundarbans?

    (A). 74

    (B). 88

    (C). 92

    (D). 96

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  • 7 . How many versions of Microsoft Office do we have?

    (A). Seven main versions

    (B). Four main versions

    (C). Three main versions

    (D). Two main versions

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  • 8 . What is the limit for Google Pay?

    (A). 2,00,000 in a day

    (B). 3,00,000 in a day

    (C). 5,00,000 in a day

    (D). 1,00,000 in a day

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  • 9 . How small is the stapes bone?

    (A). 2 to 3 mm

    (B). 3 to 4 mm

    (C). 5 to 1 mm

    (D). 3 to 2 mm

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  • 10 . When did Canada win the Winter Olympics?

    (A). 1966

    (B). 1976

    (C). 2010

    (D). 2003

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